A new approach for IGW’s couplings

2 August, 2022

Last year, a project to centralize all couplings intelligence in one location was set up. The name? CCAB, or Competence centre of Couplings At Brno.

Our couplings under one roof

Having all the intelligence regarding our couplings in one place gives us a lot of advantages. Not only is it more practical to have the complete know-how under one roof for manufacturing purposes, but it makes us able to work in a more flexible way and gives us a shorter lead time as well.

As of today, the assembly of our couplings already happens in Brno, but the production is carried out in Iasi, Romania. It is planned to have a committed production line running in Brno by Q2 of 2023. In order to do so, a lot of machines will be moved from Romania and some new ones will be bought. It has already been decided that a brand new nitriding machine, grinding machinne and hobbing machine will be equipped in the new production line. To do this, a budget of 1.5 million euros was made available.

Having a dedicated production line puts all heads in Brno in the same direction and gives our couplings the attention they deserve. After all, we are very proud to have this product in our portfolio. Especially since our couplings are a big part of the future of the IGW Brno plant.

The future

With these plans for the near future, we want to start validating our own couplings. Of course, the quality we provide to our customers remains of the highest importance to us. That is why we are excited to have some tests running in the UK and Germany.