Employee in the spotlight: Tracy Shi

21 July, 2021

Behind the good results we obtain, there are many dedicated, professional people. From time to time, we like to put those people in the spotlight. This time, we’d like to present Tracy Shi who works for IGW in our Suzhou plant. Tracy has been working for IGW in China for the past ten and a half years. In 2011 she started as a service manager before making the change to project management six years ago.


A natural progression


Ten and a half years ago, Tracy decided to make the switch from the automotive sector to the rail market by taking a job as service manager at IGW China. “Back then, it was clear that a strong demand was coming for more rolling stock all over China and I was interested in that field. Since IGW had a good reputation in the Chinese market, I felt comfortable making the switch”, Tracy says.

In her first job as a service manager, Tracy became a part of the customer-first approach that has seen us become very successful in the Chinese market and indeed all over the world. Tracy explains: “Whatever we do is based on the customers’ requirements, their needs and how they think we can provide as good a service and product as we can”. That mentality is also key in Tracy’s current task as a project manager. For the last six and a half years, it’s been her job to make sure that we deliver gearboxes that fully correspond to the customers’ requirements.

A strong belief in our quality


What is it that Tracy really likes about IGW? “I am really convinced that our gears and gearboxes are very good. IGW was present in the Chinese market quite early on and so we have been able to build a solid reputation over many years. That expertise has really allowed us to keep our place in the market.” Aside from building the actual gearboxes, providing good support has also been key in IGW developing a good reputation. “Over the last ten years, the market has rapidly developed”, Tracy explains. “In that period – and during my time as a service manager – it was also important to provide solid advice to customers on how they could use our gearboxes best so that they obtained optimum results. Giving advice and supporting our customers every step of the way remains a vitally important part of our task.”


We pride ourselves on the fact that the vast majority of our people stay with us for a long time. Also, to see them have such a firm belief in our products is very rewarding. For now, we’d like to wish Tracy all the best and hope that she’ll remain a part of our family for many more years.