Exciting times for IGW US

15 April, 2020

For our IGW colleagues in the US, these are promising times. Indeed, they have secured a number of new projects that will allow our company to extend our good reputation as a reliable partner. It’s also a positive confirmation that we are bravely continuing to expand our global footprint in the rail industry. Over 20 years of hard and dedicated work are bearing fruit as we are noticing increasing trust in the US market as well. That increasing trust has led to a number of new, exciting projects.


New York, New York


Recently, our colleagues at IGW in the US have secured a contract to provide 755 gearboxes for project R211 for New York City Transit. The gearboxes are made for Alstom, who are responsible for the entire propulsion systems in the project. They will also provide us with a basic design for them, which is very similar to IGW designs. Considering that each train requires 4 gearboxes, we will be helping around 180 trains to run smoothly day in, day out. Along with those gearboxes, we will also supply a large amount of input couplings. This is a great confirmation of our promise to be a complete partner and service provider.



metro wagon in new york

Our colleagues at IGW US are excited about the project, as there is also potential for options in the future. As it stands, the deliveries will take place in the second half of 2020 and will run until late 2022. After that, New York City Transit are expected to release new tenders for further rejuvenation of their fleet.


The main challenge for this project is likely to be the rather tight schedule. The gearboxes and propulsion systems are needed fairly quickly. As far as the design is concerned, there are no foreseeable issues. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are very familiar with the gearbox required for this project. Furthermore, assembly and delivery are two stages that we handle very smoothly, as always.


Next stop, New Jersey


Apart from our new project for the New York subway network, we have also been awarded with a contract for New Jersey. What’s special about this particular project is that it will be the first time we work with Bombardier for a project in the US. Although the basic order quantity is lower than for our New York project (232 gearboxes), it has the potential to grow to over 1000 units.



Subway in New jersey with made gears of IGW

Overhaul services


As a part of a new focus on providing aftermarket services as well, we will also be carrying out two overhaul projects. Valley Metro in Phoenix, Arizona and Sound Transit in Seattle, Washington have given us the opportunity to do overhauls. We expect to provide a swift and efficient service for both clients considering that both work with IGW gear units. Furthermore, both programmes use the same gearboxes, making the task more manageable for us.

These new projects will provide a great effect on morale for our American colleagues. That’s because it will provide our people to grow even further with the company. Over the years, we have seen our people grow in their roles and responsibilities when new projects come along. It is our expectation, then, that these great opportunities will allow our colleagues to blossom even further.