IGW Brno receives highest quality standard by Deutsche Bahn

25 May, 2022

Deutsche Bahn has used our gears and gearboxes since 1998. Over time, IGW Rail has been supplying gears, housings, labyrinths, covers, sealings, connection parts, couplings, tools, bearings and more gearbox parts and gears for Deutsche Bahn. We value our partnerships immensely, especially when they have been going on for this long. Therefore, we are always thrilled to receive recognition by our partners.



In March, our plant operated an extensive audit on the quality of our parts and the reliability of our processes. The audit focused on two parts. The first part was a review of our ordering process. Specifically, with focus on how we implement Deutsche Bahn’s requirements regarding norms and certificates. The other part focused on our assembly and production process.


The audit shows that IGW Brno is able to meet the high quality standards set by Deutsche Bahn in all areas. Therefore, we are proud to announce that IGW Brno has been classified as a Q1 quality supplier for Deutsche Bahn.


This recognition strengthens our partnership with Deutsche Bahn and as the certification comes with multiple benefits, it makes the everyday work easier for every party involved.