IGW helps shape the future of railway

17 June, 2022

IGW has always been eager to be a part of innovative railway projects. A recent example is our involvement in the ambitious project of a Korean car builder to manufacture hydrogen trams.

Our role in shaping the future of railway

More specifically, IGW Brno will supply the gearbox for hydrogen trams. Our customer ordered gearboxes for their prototype of this kind of tram. The gearbox will be tested on the field with subsequent expected serial utilization.

Thanks to decades of manufacturing quality products for multiple railway projects, IGW is established as a world class supplier for railway solutions. In combination with our vision to “always move forth”, we are the ideal partner to tackle this innovative project.

Addressing a current problem

As of now, there are not many hydrogen trams in circulation, which makes this project quite unique. Hydrogen trams are beneficial in many ways, especially with the difficulties regarding fuel lately.

Hydrogen trams can be seen as a green solution, since hydrogen can be produced from various alternative sources, as substitution of oil and electric power. This type of tram is probably the next stage in green railway solutions, after electric options.

It’s exciting for IGW to be a part of future solutions that will shape the future of railway.