IGW becomes full coupling supplier!

10 February, 2022

Couplings have always been a big part of IGW’s portfolio for over twenty years. By designing and manufacturing our couplings according to the standards of innovation and excellence, we have put ourselves on the map as a trusted brand in the market. After two decades, we have expanded our couplings and have become a full coupling supplier. Next to our grease filled high speed curved tooth couplings, we now also have the thoroughly tested oil lubricated variant. In addition, we offer the membrane couplings and a nice portfolio of several different kind of output couplings.

What does this mean?


Having IGW as a coupling partner benefits in three ways.

The first is a reduction of costs. Customers are now able to purchase the gearbox, coupling and reaction rod together. Therefore, they don’t have to rely on multiple suppliers. This means that the total cost of ownership is reduced in a big way.


Working with one supplier also results in simplified risk management. We are able to undertake full quality control. This means faster communication, more efficient problem solving and acting quickly when needed.


Another benefit that comes with working with one supplier, is that we can perform all maintenance work. When different parts are delivered by multiple suppliers, maintenance often has to be performed by the supplier of the specific part. This can result in longer lead times, complex communication and higher costs.


Summarized, we have become the central supplier for our clients. This gives us complete control over all steps in the process. This unrivaled efficiency and reliability make us able to provide the lowest total life-cycle cost for the customer.

What now?


Of course, choosing your supplier is something to handle with care. At IGW, we want to guarantee the best service and quality of our products to clients and potential customers. To make sure the customer is convinced that we are the ideal fit, we can offer customers a test batch. With this test batch, our customers can run field tests for a certain period.


During this test trial, we are of course at your disposal for help.
Interested? Contact us to see how we can be of service for your needs.