Looking at the future

20 October, 2021

Once again, IGW got to experience how technology isn’t only changing the industry, but also the working of our organization.


Gearbox training done differently


A couple of weeks ago, one of our clients requested a training to replace input bearings in one of our gearboxes. These trainings are traditionally given in person, as it’s important to evaluate if the trainee has acquired all the necessary skills to operate accordingly. However, it’s no shock that Covid-19 has thrown a spanner in the works. As the two parties were located in different countries and it was not possible for everyone to attend our facility in Brno due to travel restrictions, we had to come up with a solution. And of course, technology is more often than not the solution for every problem!



HoloLens glasses


With the aid of Microsoft HoloLens glasses and an interpreter, we were able to provide a live training based from our facility in Brno. The demonstration took only four hours and could be paused any minute to provide extra context or answer questions.


This way of working proved to be very sufficient for shorter trainings. The use of these glasses was not only time-sufficient, but also very cost-effective, as there was no need for travel expenses. Therefore, IGW is very keen on this way of working for similar short trainings and demonstrations in the future. As a matter of fact, two other trainings have been scheduled following the same procedure. The future is now!

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